Brand Opus placement


Started my placement with Branding and Packaging design company, Brand Opus on the 25th June 2012, and now its 25th July and i am gratefully still here, unfortunately i cannot discuss any work that i have been doing here as it is all confidential. But they are impressed with my illustrative skills and i have been involved with a number  of great briefs, and its my illustrations that have helped the design process alongside the team, people have been impressed and i have become a useful asset with my illustration skills, as said by design management. I can show a design that i did for the Rocky biscuit Facebook canvas header, as it went live last week.

Basically i had to re design their previous header which featured an attraction at a theme park of a big chocolate climbing mountain, i hand illustrated all components, apart from the Rocky logo and type, then vectored the pieces in illustrator, with the trusty pen tool, added a few textures, live trace and whollop, a design they felt that fitted the theme.


It is August the 16th 2012 and still going strong at Brand Opus, actually had some fantastic news on tuesday, just what i had wanted to hear but did not really expect it to happen, but will clarify at a later date when it is official. Working here for this lengthly period leading up to the start of my final year had kept my creative juices even more active than usual and has improved my illustration on the grounds that i am illustrating more images faster than i had done previous, and at the same technical level as before. This experience has helped me to come up with many possible project ideas for my last year, and has helped me to focus more on a specific area for my thesis, i think its good that im constantly working and constantly got my mind working in this environment, rest only slows you down. But i am loving every minute here, i was born to do this and i have blown away people with my drawing skills, and it is these unique talents that have impressed the people here at Brand Opus as said by Brand Opus management.

Secured a position at Brand Opus

Its the 31st August, and as i had said previous that i had some great news.I had a meeting with Paul and John, and they had expressed to me how impressed they was with my work and progress, so they offered me a position with Brand Opus, they basically had to structure a payment system for me as i am still studying. I had e-mailed Paul before over the weekend, expressing my interest with working with them while still doing my degree, but i also said that if they came across a brief that required illustration they could always contact me and i would gladly help. So when i was offered the part i nearly passed out, because i never expected it, and to make it even better they had been talking about keeping me on before i e-mailed them. I have officially signed my contract and now a member of the Brand Opus team, I will now work part time for a year on mondays and tuesdays and study the remainder of the week, at the end when i graduate i am guaranteed a full time position with full pay, so i have successfully got my dream career all i need to do now is to graduate, and do not worry just because i have accomplished this, does not mean i will not give my degree my all, this year is going to top all the years combined, i just want to thank the graphics team at Ardleigh green, i think without them i would of never got this far, watch the stars, i am in the industry now its only a matter of time before i become one of the greatest illustrators out here.




























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