Free Range Exhibition

Wednesday the 5th and it is time to build the exhibition at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. Arrived at college in the morning to load the van but most of the stuff had already been loaded on the tuesday, i was working at Brand Opus on the monday and the tuesday, and there was only work from fine art, fashion etc to go on, so myself and cheun hitched a ride up there with Dave B. upon arriving it was not long after the van arrived with the boards so we unloaded and started planning out the layout supplied, and began to build. It was extremely hot this day and as the gallery is ceiling to floor windows, you got a green house effect, and as my work is to displayed at the front of the gallery i felt the full force of the hot sun. I found the experience invigorating, as this is something new for me, sure i have displayed in college. but never in an area like Brick Lane, it was buzzing with creativity, i think the only way i can describe it would be, It was weird and wonderful. after the build we began to construct our exhibited pieces, i had 3 A2 posters, and my book. I felt that i could of utilized the space a little better i had enough space to probably of added some original illustrations in frames, or even i could enlarged the posters to A1, or created a illustrative mural that surrounded the book to show that the main focus of my project is my book. I had my vinyl to add some character, but it felt a bit empty, but this added to the theme of the project, i didnt want to overload with cool imagery it was meant to look empty and un prepared, this reflected my personal journey process from emotions and events from before college, to the present day. And when you scan through my book and see that there is alot more happening inside than there is outside. To make the viewer think that this student hadn’t planned his exhibition that well, and blow them away with they see. But this is my own evaluation. Since the private view on the thursday it has been steadily busy with alot of interest, there was alot of interest in my book, people were lined up around it and had spent quite a long time reading through it, must of been interesting to be read front to back. I am proud with what i had achieved and created, and so far have obtained positive feedback, regarding my book. The whole experience has been great, to stand back and watch a good quantity of people actually take the time to browse through your work makes you feel like a success before you have started.

Photos from wednesday 5th, build day.

IMG_1999 IMG_2001 IMG_2003 IMG_2004 IMG_2010


IMG_2005IMG_2006IMG_2008IMG_2012IMG_2007IMG_2009IMG_2013Anxiety is a character from my ‘Lost in Paradise’ story. This is the vinyl of my illustration supplied from Distilled Design, a vinyl printing company formed by Tom and Reiss, two former students from the college graphic design degree.


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