GDPM4 Visual proposal

Copyright Stephen Timms 2012

Visual Proposal

As part of our course requirements a written proposal had to be constructed in order to represent information on what the project may be, and initial ideas and development. My proposal explained that my project is based on this notion of a journey, and may well be shown through a visual narrative, much like Scott McClouds Understanding Comics. Other journeys and visual narratives were researched in order to get a better understanding of how other practitioners perceive this, such as…

 Scott McClouds Understanding Comics, The Invisible Art.

Scott Mccloud’s Understanding Comics, guides the reader on a visual narrative journey, which in turn educates them regarding issues and aspects associated with visual narrative. This visual narrative approach, has fueled and inspired current project ideas, by further developing the thinking process of combining more local narratives within an overriding meta-narrative.

Maus, A Survivors Tale.

Maus is a graphic novel created by Art Spiegelman. In it Spiegelman interviews his father about his experiences as a Holocaust survivor, being Polish and Jewish Spiegelman reflects the ordeals of his father. The use of metaphors such as cats and mice, establishe a layered narrative including actual historical events, alongside the traditional cartoon cat and mouse relationship of Tom and Jerry. This form of the visual narrative indicate that, visual imagery could serve as a positive means to portray a journey, which could be interpreted on a number of levels and possibly making it easier to comprehend for the general reader.

The Bayeux Tapestry

Made after the battle of Hastings 1066, celebrating the conquest of England, by William Duke of Normandy. The Bayeux Tapestry shows the story of the conquest of England in a panoramic visual form, and has helped initial project ideas. 

William Blake’s 102 illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy

Dante’s Divine Comedy is a poem written by Dante Alighieri, and transformed into 102 illustrations by William Blake in 1825. Born nearly 500 years after Dante, William Blake created these sketches, engravings and watercolours, to portray the vision of Dante’s journey through Hell, Purgatory then Paradise. Blakes illustrations offer visualisation into Dantes allegorical tales.

Will Eisners ‘A Contract with God 1978’, consists of four short story’s, A Contract with God, The Super, The Street Singer and Cookalein. A structure of multi narratives, using Eisners own childhood as inspiration during the 1930s. Alongside examples such as Spiegelman’s Maus, the work of practitioners such as Will Eisner has raised the cultural status of the graphic novel.

After researching such resources and relevant essays, 

Graphic Design:Fine Art or Social Science?Jorge Frascara

The Education of an Educational Artist, Leonard Rifas

Comics, the Cannon and the Classroom, James Bucky Carter.

the idea of how this project could develop as, started to take shape, but at this stage of the project nothing was consolidated as to what it would be, but rather helped the thinking process. I knew that i wanted to create a project based around a journey, inspired from a personal commute into london, and inspiring short story’s that were from observing other commuters and quick drawings of the moment were taken down as empirical research. This has provided one part of the narrative, as my project may well undertake a Meta-narrative approach, a big story with multiple local narratives that branch of from the main meta-narrative. With this in mind i began the thinking process to in how to demonstrate this in the visual proposal presentation. It felt that a mindmap journey of the whole process would better suit this proposed idea, as this project at the current time is based on a visual narrative, a mind map inspired by the RSA Animate series, was the intended approach.

 Copyright Stephen Timms 2012

My mind map that shows my progress in visual form, it was printed in A1 which was then laid out on the table in the presentation, then i proceeded to engage with the information contained on it to the other students in my group.

A fold out panflet which incorporated the mind map on one side and a series of images on the opposite, this was given out to other students as a keepsake.

Improvements/self evaluation

I believe that i had constructed the proposal accordingly and represented the written proposal in visual form. I felt the presentation went ok, if i had managed my time a little more efficient i could of made it better, as i still get nervous when speaking, but working at brand opus has helped me develop my confidence. Improvements, i could of rehearsed the presentation and made it more fluent, i would of liked to have done a video representation of the mind map, but the illustrated map seemed to fit the overall theme of the project.


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