Live Projects

Above is my storyboard for the ARUP christmas e card. It consists of a character getting chased round an ARUP theme park, using the various buildings ARUP had designed as park attractions.




Some still cut outs from the animated version of my second ARUP idea.

This was my second idea as i thought the message may have got lost and in a way it didn’t seem appropriate for ARUPS aesthetics. Jan in our group got the deal and good luck, i just enjoyed the process of what an actual company project could be like, and having a go at stop animation i keep finding new things that im getting addicted to type is the first thing that im falling in love with, and animation is definatly creeping its way into me.


The Brand Opus project, that had been presented, seemed to open up a newly formed passion, in that personally i never thought that i would be in any attitude, interested in Branding and Packaging, my design viewpoint had been very linear up until this point. I wanted to pursue a career in the computer games industry, as a character designer or concept artist, and with any design career, competition into getting a place is on a percentage level. I believe i have a natural hand at branding, something i thought never possible, all i need to do now is build the confidence up, when i do no one will stop me.

D&AD competition brief, i was excited about the fact, in creating work that could possibly help me in achieving my goals, but became to absorbed into the work, and i could not push myself to carry on with sketched out ideas, and this hindered the process. As a result i became displeased with work that i produced, i still made the dead line with out question, but i believe, i know i could of produced work that would of won me the pencil award, but based on what i had produced, it was far from my true potential, so i will treat it as experience for future events, every day i evolve and my skills develop in the media that i use, i will not stop pursuing my dream career, i know for a fact i will make it big just wait.


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