GDPM4 Illustrations/Outcomes

pre 4 copy

copy 2013

Prelude – Part 1

Lost in Paradise

Lost in Paradise is based on my time before college, where events that had unfolded which was out of my control, had caused me to slowly isolate myself from going outside. The story takes me into my sub – conscious where a journey begins inside me to overcome this state, when it seems like nothing can change this, something gets adjusted and i enrolled into Havering College. 

pre 6 copy




prelude10003 prelude10007 copyprelude10009 copyprelude10010 prelude10012 copyprelude10016 prelude10018 prelude10020 prelude10022



prelude 31

prelude 32 prelude 33 prelude10030

prelude 34

prelude 35 prelude 36 prelude 37prelude 38 copy prelude 39 prelude 40 prelude 41 prelude 42 prelude 43

copy 2013

Typographic posters Part – 2

type poster 1 .psd

type poster 2.jpg

Key moments illustrations Part – 3

key moment the brief

key moment the presentation

key moment the placement

key moment the job

Inspired Short stories Part – 4 

This section is a series of inspired stories from the daily commute into London. The stories them selves contain different themes, and is a mixture of serious, semi – serious content. 

Bi-PolarHand Grenade

Bi – Polar Hand Grenade is about a little grenade that is always ready to explode with depressive fury at life’s simplest of actions, this day he wants to withdraw some money from a cashpoint.  

bi-polar gren pg 1-2test.psd bi-polar gren pgs 3-4 test.psd

copy 2013

Desert Train

During the hot summer while on my placement, the London 2012 Olympics were on and it was hot traveling on a crowded train over and underground. There were signs in the stations saying always carry water with you, at one point i closed my eyes for a bit and dreamt about this story.

desert train covera.psd

desert train panels-01

desert train panels-04

desert train panels-02

desert train panels-05

desert train panels-03

desert train panels-06

desert train panels-07

desert train panels-09

desert train panels-10

desert train coverb.psd

copy 2013

Vic n Tim

Vic n Tim is about a young boy that gets bullied at school because of being infected with head lice. This idea came from a split moment when i saw a young boy get on the train with his mum, and he was staring at this bug, not sure if it was an ant or a fly, and he seemed happy to watch it and happily chat to it, thats when Vic n Tim were born.



vic tim 2

vic tim3

pr10006 copy



pr10011 copy


vic tim 18




copy 2013


Cramped is about basically getting cramped into a crowded train on the underground. Its amazing how some people will make them self fit into a small place, and the variety of whimsical characters that you meet on average day.

cramped cover 3

cramped story-01 cramped story-02 cramped story-03 cramped story-04 cramped story-05 cramped story-06

copy 2013

Gratitude posters Part – 5

Brand Opus Poster

The Gratitude Posters are to show my appreciation towards those who have enabled me to be where i am and for this i will be forever grateful. To Brand Opus for giving me the chance to show what i can really do, and to The Graphics Team at Ardleigh Green College, for their input and hard work in helping me achieve something i never thought possible.

final brand opus

copy 2013

Graphic Team Poster

final graph team

copy 2013


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